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Established in 1996 with Oliver Berben as CEO, MOOVIE merged with Constantin Film AG (Plc) in 1999, thus leading to an even broader spectrum of productions, including cinema films. Long-term co-operations have been established with German TV channels such as ZDF, RTL, Sat.1 and Pro7. 


Founded as “MOOVIE - the art of entertainment”, the company name delivers a powerful message; set the highest professional standards and continuously strive to achieve them. The name affix may have been dropped in 2015, however, the mission statement behind it still remains firmly intact. 

Within this scope, MOOVIE has collaborated with renowned directors, actors and screenplay writers, and will continue to do so in the future. The expansion of the internal dramaturgy department led to a blossoming of high-quality film material and screenplays. The success of MOOVIE GmbH can be easily measured in terms of the enormous number of productions which have been realised in the past few years. The company has established itself as a steadfast deliverer of unwavering quality to its contracting partners. Due to this delicate balance of efficiency and competency, the name "MOOVIE" speaks for itself on the German film-making market. 

In order to meet ever-increasing demand, and in anticipation of the upward spiral in terms of quality and quantity of productions on the German television market, Oliver Berben appointed three new producers by his side in January 2015; Sarah Kirkegaard, Jan Ehlert and Heike Voßler. MOOVIE’s team of 4 producers is responsible for the development and production of vanguard German event TV movies and high-end television series and mini-series of international standards.



MOOVIE has been producing the popular and successful Saturday evening crime thrillers “Rosa Roth” for the German TV channel ZDF since 1996. Carlo Rola directed 31 episodes and Hannu Salonen directed the final episode of the iconic series. In March 2003, 7.34 million viewers tuned in to watch Iris Berben in the main role as the commissioner. With a sensational market share of 23%, this episode became the most successful of all times within its genre in Germany. 

“Der Solist” featuring Thomas Kretschmann, another Saturday night thriller series broadcast by the ZDF, also achieved a substantial 16.8% market share. 

The feature film “21 Liebesbriefe” laid the foundations for a new series for the ZDF. The somewhat different thriller, with Katja Flint as the heroine Franziska Luginsland, paved the way for further episodes such as “Mord in aller Unschuld”, “Franziska’s Gespür für Männer” and “Liebe und andere Gefahren”.  

In 2007 the Süden mystery fiction novels, written by Friedrich Ani, were adapted for television and a new crime series, “Kommissar Süden”, was born.  Set in the Munich Police’s Missing Persons Division, Ulrich Noethen was attained for the role of Tabor Süden.  The first two episodes were directed by Martin Enlen and Dominik Graf.

Based on Ferdinand von Schirach's books, two six-part mini-series have been produced for the television station ZDF. The first was Verbrechen "Crime" and the second was Schuld "Shades of Guilt", both of which proved extremely popular with critics and viewers alike. MOOVIE is currently planning a second series of "Shades of Guilt" due to popular demand throughout Germany.

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MOOVIE produces prime time feature films on behalf of German television channels such as ZDF, ARD, RTL, SAT.1, Pro7, Bayerischen Rundfunk and NDR. The films range in genre; starting with relationship dramas such as “Wer liebt, hat recht “, moving on to suspenseful thrillers such as “Code Red”, “Fahr zu Hölle, Schwester”, “Der stille Herr Genardy”, “Das Miststück”, and “Das Teufelsweib” and leading all the way through to upbeat, fast-paced comedies such as “Dienstreise – was für eine Nacht”.

MOOVIE secured esteem from viewers and critics alike with top-quality TV films such as “Das Zeugenhaus”, “Die Hebamme”, “Das Adlon. Eine Familiengeschichte”, “Silberhochzeit” and the “Tatort” productions “A g'mahde Wiesn” and “Die Heilige von St. Adelheim”. In co-operation with the NDR, several enthralling projects came to fruition: among them “Der verlorene Sohn”, a controversial drama directed by Nina Grosse, based on the screenplay written by Fred Breinersdorfer. In addition, the comedy “Ladylike” was filmed in Potsdam and surrounding areas. The novel by Ingrid Noll was adapted by Gerlinde Wolf, starring Gisela Schneeberger and Monica Bleibtreu, and directed by Vanessa Jopp. The six-part ZDF mini-series “Klimawechsel” was filmed with a star-studded cast: celebrities such as Ulrike Kriener, Juliane Köhler, Andrea Sawatzki and Maren Kroymann, to name just a few.  Highly respected directors Doris Dörre, Vanessa Jopp and Gloria Behrens were each responsible for two of the 45-minute episodes. “Vergiss nie, dass ich dich liebe” was filmed at illustrious locations throughout Germany and the U.S.A. The production, based on Elisabeth George’s short story of the same name, was directed by Carlo Rola, with Dennenesch Zoudé in the main role. 



MOOVIE’s debut on the silver screen was in 2001 with its first feature film “Sass - Die Meisterdiebe”. Again Carlo Rola directed with the main roles being played by Jürgen Vogel and Ben Becker.  Following this, Oliver Berben produced another cinema film “Autobahnraser” with director Michael Keusch. Bernd Eichinger from Constantin Film produced the literary adaption “Elementarteilchen” in co-operation with Oliver Berben. Based on Michel Houellebecq’s novel, with Oskar Roehler directing, this star-studded film attained national and international acclaim following its premiere at the Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin. Moritz Bleibtreu received the Silberner Bär Award for Best Actor at the Berlinale and the movie shot to the forefront of the box office in 2005. “Warum Männer nicht zuhören und Frauen schlecht einparken” directed by Leander Haußmann and featuring Jessica Schwarz and Benno Führmann, attracted over 1.5 million viewers nationwide. The military comedy “Kein Bund Für’s Leben” directed by Granz Henman debuted throughout Germany in 2007. Both films were produced by Oliver Berben. Further projects went into production the following year. Starring comedian Mario Barth and directed by Gernot Roll, “Männersache” was shot on location in Berlin.  Oliver Berben produced this box office hit for MOOVIE’s parent company Constantin Film AG. The international co-production “Die Päpstin”, starring Johanna Wokalek, David Wenham and John Goodman, was directed by the highly acclaimed Sönke Wortmann. This historical drama thrilled audiences in the autumn of 2009.

Yet another Leander Haussmann comedy “Dinosaurier” went into production in 2009, as did “Werner 5” and “Tiger Team”.  Oliver Berben also produced “Francesco und der Papst” and “Wilkommen im Süden” in 2010.  In 2011, the general manager and producer of MOOVIE, was responsible for four Constantin feature films: “Glück”, “Das Hochzeitsvideo”, “Unheilbar Verliebt” and “Blutzbrüdaz”.



Produced for the channel ZDF, “Und jetzt, Israel” is a two-part, 120-minute documentary in which Iris Berben provides an intimate portrayal of the Israel she knows and loves.

Solo Avital directed “…more than 1000 words”. This portrayal of the famous Israeli photographer Ziv Koren received much acclaim at various international film festivals.

It was awarded prizes such as Best Documentary Feature at the Winnipeg International Film Festival 2006, Best Feature Film at the Vancouver Bridge Fest 2006 as well as Best Professional Documentary at the Real to Reel Film & Video Festival 2006 in Shelby.

ZDF also contracted MOOVIE for the documentary “Tränen lachen”.  This delightful insight into Jewish and German humour was conceptualised with the participation of famous comedians such as Dani Levy, Harald Schmidt and Gerhard Polt, just to name a few.



MOOVIE has generated 3 seasons of the comedy series “Bewegte Männer” on behalf of Sat.1.  The sitcom was developed and produced internally and proved to be very popular.

A new comedy series called “Ich und Er” is currently being developed for Pro7 by Jan Ehlert, based on Warren D. Lieght’s screenplay and Doris Dörrie’s feature film of the same name.