awards and nominations

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"SCHULD" ("Shades of Guilt") - Television Academy Prize 2015 
Hans-Michael Rehberg is awarded the German Television Academy Prize for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in the episode "Schnee" or "Smack"


"SCHULD" ("Shades of Guilt") - Metropolis Director's Prize
Maris Pfeiffer receives a nomination for directing the episode "Schnee" or "Smack" 


"Das Zeugenhaus" ("The Witness House") - Bambi 2015
Awarded Best Actor National - Tobias Moretti for his role as Rudolf Diels


"Das Zeugenhaus" (The Witness House) – Festival de Télévision in Monte Carlo 2015
Finalist for the Golden Nymph Award for Best Film, Best Actress: Iris Berben and Best Actor: Tobias Moretti

"Das Zeugenhaus" (The Witness House) – World Media Festival in Banff 2015
Winner of the Rockie Award in the category Best TV Drama

"Das Zeugenhaus" (The Witness House) –The New York Festivals 2015
Awarded the Gold Medal for Best TV Movie in the category Television

"Das Zeugenhaus" (The Witness House) – Grimme Preis 2015
Nomination in the category Special Fiction Film

"Alles muss raus – Eine Familie rechnet ab!" – Grimme Preis 2015
Nomination for the category Serial Films

"Schuld" (Shades of Guilt) – New Faces Award 2015
Edin Hasanovic Best Upcoming Actor 

"Die Hebamme" (The Midwife) – New Faces Award 2015
Johannes Nussbaum : Best Upcoming Actor

"Die Hebamme" (The Midwife) – Bambi 2014
Josefine Preuß is awarded the Bambi for Best National Actress for her role as Gesa Langwasser

"Das Adlon. Eine Famieliensaga" – Pyongyang International Film Festival
Award for a Feature Film

"Die Hebamme" (The Midwife) – Deutsche Fernsehpreis 2014
Jana Karen is nominated for Outstanding Production Design 

"Verbrechen nach Ferdinand von Schirach" – ROMY 2014
Oliver Berben is awarded the prize for Best Producer. Academy nomination for Best Director, Best Series and Best Producer as well as a viewers' choice nomination for Josef Bierbichler as Best Actor. 

"Die Hebamme" – New Faces Award 2014
Alicia von Rittberg is awarded Best Upcoming Acting Actress for "Die Hebamme"

"Das Adlon. Eine Familiensaga" – New York Festivals 2014
Our three-part mini-series is awarded a Silver World Medal in der competition Television – Entertainment Special Program, category TV Movie/Drama Special

"Das Adlon. Eine Familiengeschichte" – Shanghai Television Festival Award 2013
Magnolia Award for Best International TV Film oder Mini-Serie

"Die Kronzeugin - Mord in den Bergen" – Hamburger Krimipreis 2013
Director Christiane Balthasar und MOOVIE – the art of entertainment are nominiated for the Hamburg Thriller Prize

"Das Adlon. Eine Familiensaga" – Günter-Strack Fernsehpreis 2013 – Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis
Johannes Klaußner is nominated as Best Upcoming Actor

"Verbrechen nach Ferdinand von Schirach" – Deutscher Regiepreis Metropolis 2013
Nominations for the Director's Prize for both Verbrechen directors: Jobst Oetzmann – episode "Der Igel" and Hannu Salonen – episode "Fähner"

"Das Adlon. Eine Familiengeschichte" – Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2013
Josephine Preuß is nominated as Best Actress in the category Television Films

"Verbrechen nach Ferdinand von Schirach" – Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2013
Josef Bierbichler receives a nomination as Best Actor in a Series or Mini-Series for the episodes "Tanatas Teeschale" and "Fähner"

"Das Adlon. Eine Familiensaga" – New Faces Award 2013 
Maria Ehrich is awarded the prize for Best Upcoming Actress for her captivating role as the young Alma Schadt

"Das Adlon. Eine Familiensaga" – ROMY 2013
The Viewers' Choice Best Actress Award is given to Maria Bäumer for her role as Hedda in "Das Adlon. Eine Familiengeschichte"

"Die Kronzeugin – Mord in den Bergen" – Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen
Film editing nomination for Andreas Althoff

"Das Adlon. Eine Familiengeschichte" – Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen
Nomination for Make-up: Gregor Eckstein, Jeanette Latzelsberger, Kerstin Stattmann

"Das Adlon. Eine Familiengeschichte" – Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen
Nomination for Stuntwork: Wanja Götz

"Liebesjahre" – Fernsehfilm-Festival Baden-Baden 2012
Magnus Vattrodt receives the award for Best Script and the film is also nominated by the Academy Members for the category Best Film

"Liebesjahre" – BFFS 2013
Nina Kunzendorf receives a nomination for Best Actress

"Liebesjahre" – Grimme Preis 2012
for Best Fictional Film

"Liebesjahre" – Goldene Kamera award 2012
for Best Television Film of 2011

"Klimawechsel" – Grimme Preis 2011 
The highly successful TV mini-series “Klimawechsel” is awarded the Grimme prize for the category Entertainment – Series and Mini-Series. Doris Dörrie for Best Script and Best Director, Ruth Sadler for Best Script, and Gloria Behrens and Vanessa Jopp each, also for Best Director.

"Klimawechsel"  Deutsche Fernsehpreis 2010
Ulrike Kriener is doted with this TV Film award in the category Best Actress for her role as the Teacher Beate Busch in "Klimawechsel".

"Kommissar Süden und der Luftgitarrist" – 6 Grimme Preis 2010 awards
Ulrich Noethen and Martin Feifel each for Best Actor, Jeanette Hain for Best Actress, Dominik Graf for Best Director, author Friedrich Ani for Best Screenplay, Alexander Fischerkoesen for Best Camerawork and composer Dieter Schleip for Best Score.

"KRUPP – Eine deutsche Familie" – receives the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) Award 2009
for Outstanding Compositing.

Oliver Berben – Bernd Burgemeister Produzentenpreis 2009
As the producer of "Der verlorene Sohn", an NDR-commissioned TV film, Oliver Berben is awarded the Producer’s Prize from the VFF at the Munich Film Festival.

"Krupp – Eine deutsche Familie"  Bambi 2009

"Silberhochzeit" – Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2006
for Directing and Acting
Matti Geschonneck receives the award for Best Director of a TV film and
Gisela Schneeberger is acknowledged as Best Supporting Actress in a TV film.

"Silberhochzeit" – Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2006
 Awarded the Bavarian TV Prize in the category Best Directing for Matti Geschonneck’s TV film.

"Silberhochzeit" – Goldene Kamera 2006
Ulrich Noethen receives the award for Best Actor for his role as Heinz, just one of the characters portrayed by him.

"Silberhochzeit" – Goldene Kamera 2006
Oliver Berben’s production is nominated for Best German TV Film.

"Silberhochzeit" Grimme Preis 2006 
Once again, this film directed by Matti Geschonneck, produced by Oliver Berben and based on a screenplay by Daniel Nocke, is nominated for a major award: the Adolf Grimme Award, in the category TV Movie/Entertainment.




"…more than 1000 words" – six Festival distinctions 2006
This documentary makes waves internationally: triumphant at various festivals in an amazingly short span of time. Awarded Best Documentary Feature at the Winnipeg International Film Festival 2006, Best Feature Film Award at the Bridge Fest 2006, Best Professional Documentary Award at the Real to Reel Film & Video Festival 2006, Margrit & Robert Mondavi Film Prize for Peace and Understanding at the Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival in the U.S.A. and Audience Choice – Best Film in Palm Beach.

"Elementarteilchen" – Silberner Bär 
Moritz Bleibtreu receives the Silver Bear award for Best Actor at the 56th annual Berlinale International Film Festival for his role as Bruno.

"Die Patriarchin" – DIVA-Publikumspreis 2006
Produced by Oliver Berben, directed by Carlo Rola and based on a screenplay by Christian Schnalke, “Die Patriarchin” receives this coveted award for the category Most Outstanding TV film of 2005.

"21 Liebesbriefe" and “Die Patriarchin” nominated for the Deutsche Kamerapreis 2005
Two MOOVIE productions are simultaneously nominated for the German camera prize for the TV Film category: Cameramen Benedict Neuenfels (with Nina Grosse directing) and Frank Küpper (Carlo Rola directing) respectively.

"Die Patriarchin" – three nominations for the Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2005
The family saga Die Patriarchin (Producer: Oliver Berben, Director: Carlo Rola) is nominated for three categories at the German TV Awards. The three-part TV Event film is in the running for the award Best German TV Film or Mini-Series. Iris Berben is nominated for Best Actress and Ulrich Noethen for Best Actor for their roles as Nina Vandenberg and Bent Peerson respectively.

"Die Patriarchin" – Goldene Kamera 2005
The much acclaimed mini-series is awarded the golden camera in the category Best German TV Film

"21 Liebesbriefe"  Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2005
Thanks to Benedict Neuenfels’ outstanding picture composition and photography for this ZDF-commissioned film, “21 Liebesbriefe” is also nominated for the 7th German TV Award in the category Best Cinematography.

"Bewegte Männer" – Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2004
This popular sitcom is nominated for the second year in a row for Best Sitcom at the German TV awards.

"Dienstreise – was für eine Nacht"  three Grimme Preis awards 2004
Produced for Sat.1, this Moovie production is doted with three Adolf-Grimme-Preis awards in the category TV Movie/Entertainment: Stephan Wagner for his directing, Armin Rohde and Christoph Waltz for their acting performances in the leading roles.

"Rosa Roth" – Goldene Kamera 2004
Iris Berben receives the golden camera award to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the Rosa Roth thriller/crime series and her role as the popular commissioner. 
Well over 100 million steadfast viewers have tuned in over the years to watch this much loved ZDF series.

"Bewegte Männer" – two nominations for the Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2003 
This Moovie Sitcom is nominated for Best Sitcom and Best Actor for the German Television Award.

"Bewegte Männer" – Rose D’Or 2003
Yet another nomination for Best Sitcom, this time at the Rose D‘Or International Comedy Festival.

"Sass – die Meisterdiebe" – Tokyo International Film Festival 2002 
Carlo Rola is awarded Best Director for his outstanding achievement.

"Sass – die Meisterdiebe" – Bayerischer Filmpreis 2002
Martin Langer receives the Bavarian Film Award for his outstanding camera work.

"Der Solist – Kein Weg zurück" – Grimme Preis 2000 nomination

"Code Red – Die Sieben Feuer des Todes" – New York Film Festival
Finalist Award in the categories Directing, Film and Producer.



Oliver Berben – Producer 


Born in Munich in 1971, Oliver Berben studied Electrical Engineering and Aeronautical Space Engineering at the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin. Having held various positions as a production assistant and unit manager in the film advertising area, Oliver Berben went on to found MOOVIE – the art of entertainment GmbH, which became a subsidiary of Constantin Film AG in 1999.

In January 2009, Oliver Berben joined Martin Moszkowicz and Hanns Beese as a top-level Manager of Constantin Film Produktion GmbH. In his role as a producer, Oliver Berben has generated over 90 television and cinema films. Among them, “Sass – die Meisterdiebe”, “Africa, mon amour”, “Krupp – Eine deutsche Familie”, “Elementarteilchen”, “Kein Bund fürs Leben”, “Warum Männer nicht zuhören und Frauen schlecht einparken”, “Männersache”, “Die Päpstin”, “Tiger-Team”, Doris Dörries‘ six-part mini-series “Klimawechsel”, “Werner – Eiskalt”, “Blutzbrüdaz”, “Hochzeitsvideo” and “Glück”.

Many of Oliver Berben’s works have been doted with various awards throughout the years for outstanding filmmaking: from the Bernd Burgermeister Television Producer Award through to the Adolf-Grimme-Preis. For a comprehensive list, please see the Awards and Nominations section.